Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Couple months back we found out we are having another girl! These two girls are super excited to have another sister. Lyvi makes sure to tell everyone she meets that her mom is having a baby and its a girl.
20 week belly. 
Baby girl
A few months back Lyvi had her tonsils and adenoids out, She sleeps so much better and loves to smell everything now! It is so sad to think she hasn't been able to smell all this time. She was so brave. She took the nurse by the hand and walked to the surgery room without any tears! Which is amazing since she has cried at every doctors appointment i can remember.  
June and Bo are still the best of friends. She loves to sneak him treats often.
First dance class. She looks forward every week to go to dance.
Beauty shop
Lyvi was so scared they were going to give her a blue umbrella at Bahama bucks and not a pink on.
Matching cousin's!
first day of school
 She loves to go to Goodwill with Justin. She goes straight to the books.
 She wouldn't let me take a picture of her unless her two "friends" sat next to her
 June loves baby Trigg. She gave her last pacifier to Trigg and hasn't cried for it since. It was that easy!
Lyvi and her friend Bailey. 
 Lyvi convinced herself that she needs her dress up glasses to see better
 Lyvi at dance. Her and her cousin Paisley go to the same dance studio. Aunt Jenny usually takes them to get donuts after dance.
 June is pretty funny to watch while she is playing dress up. 
 Penny and Lyvi
 June wont hold my hand while out in public but she will hold Lyvi's. 
Sunday morning conference

Friday, September 7, 2012

June's 2nd birthday

June Bug turned 2 a couple of weeks ago. We woke her up early before Justin left for work so we could sing to her and watch her open up her gifts. 
She enjoyed every last bite of her birthday doughnut. With help of her big sister she ripped into her gifts. She got a baby, baby car seat, and "Sesame Street" house. We spent most of the day at home playing with all her new toys.
 After dinner we met Granna and Papa at "The Sugarbowl". Its been our tradition for the past couple of years and the girls look forward to going to the "Pink ice cream place" every birthday.

June is by far the most independent 2 year old I know. She thinks she can do whatever her older sister can do. June loves Lyvi! They are the best of friends. She hates to see Lyvi go to dance and school. The whole time shes gone she begs to "GET LYVI". Babies and dogs she absolutely adores. She still is the biggest daddy's girl. Every morning when i go into to get her she asks "Where's daddy?" She loves to dance. Some how she taught herself how to whistle. She is sassy but so sweet at times. 
We love you June Bug! We wouldn't change a thing.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cabin trip

The past 7 years my family has been going up to my brother in law Rush's family cabin. We look forward to it every year. This year we left June at home with Grandma and Grandpa. She doesn't sleep well  unless she is in a crib and I wasn't going to chance breaking my leg again cause of lack of sleep. It was such a relaxing trip with only one kid. I only saw Lyvi when it was time to eat. She was in heaven playing with all her cousins.
Meet Buttercup aka Ryan (my bro in law)
He was our camp director this year. He knows us Burrs get bored super easy and so he stepped up and had planned games and activity's every hour of everyday. He made it the best year yet.
We arrived late Friday morning and spent the day outside enjoying the weather.
Baby Trigg 
Justin and Lyvi in the tree house

Frisbee Golf 
Horse shoe winners
Cousin Brooke teaching all the younger cousins cheers
That night a big thunderstorm rolled in so we ate dinner, bathed kids, and sent them to bed. Night time is where the fun really begins. We played the newlywed game, LCR, and watched "the great outdoors" on a projector Ryan brought up.  
Saturday morning was the big race! Here are the racers doing their early morning stretch before the race
Of course it wouldn't be a race without Justin and his crazy outfits
The racers minus carley who started early on the starting line
Water crew. We pile the kids in the truck while papa drives and hand out water and Gatorade to the runners 

Justin coming in third
Look at us sisters matching and we didn't even plan it
The rest of the day I forgot to take pictures. The Mom's only trip to the dollar store, Boys went shooting, spray paint art, bingo, raffle, night games etc.
Sunday for church each of the brother in laws and brother shared a story about there mission. We played outside before we had to pack up and leave.
Lyvi and Gwen picking up trash around the cabin 
I'm pretty sure I can photo shop June right next to Cami and Peyton. Then i wouldn't have to break the news in years to come she got left.
Carley and Mason
It was another GREAT year!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Utah 2012

Justin, the girls, and I made the trip to Utah to visit family and to celebrate the 4th of the July. I love being in Utah for the 4th. It was a very laid back trip. The girls mostly enjoyed being able play outside without suffering from heat stroke. We stayed with Justin's Uncle and Aunt, it was like staying at a 5 star hotel but way better! Uncle Doug and Aunt Debbie have lots of Grand kids who live near by so there were always someone for the girls to play with. While we were there we enjoyed the Salt lake temple grounds.

 Children's museum 

 Park/petting Zoo. The triplets and June, the quads.

 4th of July parade, water slide, and fireworks 

 Thanksgiving point

 Milking a cow. She's a brave girl.
We had such a great time! 
A huge thank you goes out to Doug and Debbie! We love and appreciate you guys!